5 Ways to Beat the Houston Heat

5 Ways to Beat the Houston Heat

With planned power outages and sweltering triple-digit temperatures making even the local pools feel
more like oversized hot tubs, it can be a challenge to find relief from the Houston heat. Hitting up your local
Korean spa may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but here are five reasons why our spa just might be
the perfect oasis to help you survive the rest of the summer!

1. Cool off in the Cold Sauna

Spa World Houston Artic Room

While it may sound like an oxymoron, our cold sauna, known as the Arctic Room, is one of the many
amenities we offer at our Korean spa. Typically ranging from 45 to 55 degrees, it is not only a great way to reap
the benefits of hot-to-cold therapy, but it can also provide a welcome escape from the hot summer weather.
And while it may seem counterintuitive to step into a 140-degree room, using our hot saunas with our Arctic
Room, can actually be an effective way to train your body to acclimate to a wider range of temperatures.

2. Chill out in the Cold Plunge

Similar to our cold sauna, our cold plunge, located in each of the gender-separated bath areas, can
provide immediate relief from the perpetual outdoor steam sauna known as the Houston summer. Ranging
from 60 to 70 degrees, the cold bath is significantly cooler and infinitely more refreshing than any outdoor pool.

3. Enjoy the Indoor Playground

For the little ones longing for the playground, the hot, humid weather can put a real damper on outdoor
play. Instead of sitting in the blazing sun, leaving parents and kiddos sweaty and cranky, we’ve got you covered
with our expansive, air-conditioned indoor play area. With ball pits, trampolines, and a running train, our Kid’s
World area is a great place to get your little ones moving in a safe environment without risking dehydration and

4. Bring out the Bingsu

Nothing says “summer break” like hearing the enticing melody of the ice cream truck. You can get a
sweet summer treat at our cafe, which boasts an impressive variety of ice cream cones and bars as well as the
traditional Korean ice cream: bingsu. Made with frozen cream, shaved down into a snow-like texture, bingsu is
like the perfect lovechild between an ice cream cone and shaved ice. Topped with delicious toppings such as
condensed milk and fruits, a large bowl of our house made bingsu is probably the most delicious way to bring
sweet relief from the hot climate.

5. Munch on some Mul Naengmyun

Tangy, slightly sweet, and packed with flavor, mul naengmyun is a Korean dish made from arrowroot
noodles in an icy-cold broth. The noodles are slightly chewier than typical ramen noodles and usually
garnished with cucumber, radish, sliced pear, a boiled egg and a slice of cold brisket. The combination of
flavors results in a dish that is not only delicious, but super refreshing and perfect for summer.
While Korean Spas are known for their cozy saunas, our wide variety of amenities can also offer the
perfect Houston summer getaway, whether you’re looking for a full-day family staycation or just a way to
escape the afternoon heat

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