Our saunas

Fire Dome (불 가마)

While each of our saunas and relaxation rooms have unique benefits for health and overall wellness, you’ll find the greatest benefits in the intense heat of the fire dome. We pride ourselves in being one of the few spas to have a true, traditional Korean “Bul Ga Ma,” which literally translates to “fire kiln.” As our hottest sauna, the Fire Dome reaches up to 185 degrees during its hours of operation.

Jade Room (보석방)

Healing and wellness meets a soft and soothing aesthetic in our enchanting Jade Room. The room walls are designed with a beautiful mosaic of multi-colored gemstones, while the floors are covered in Himalayan salt rocks. These salt rocks, in addition to adding to the visually-pleasing ambiance by complementing the gemstone wall, also have the added benefits of acupressure including: better sleep, stress relief, pain management, improved digestion and decreased blood pressure.

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Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms

Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms (황토 방)

Hwangto, also known as “yellow ocher clay,” is a Korean soil, which contains high levels of potassium chloride and calcium. With special properties to filter out toxins and boost circulation, this element has historically been used in Korea for purifying and cleansing treatments. At Spa World, you can take advantage of the benefits of yellow ocher clay in not one, but two different clay saunas.

Himalayan Salt Room (소금방)

Our Himalayan Salt Room is exactly what it sounds like – a sauna room with floors and walls lined with pink Himalayan Salt Bricks. With temperatures typically ranging from 135 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, this room delivers the benefits of a traditional dry sauna along with the added healing benefits of salt therapy, also known as halotherapy.
Arctic Room

Arctic Room (얼음방)

The Arctic Room, our coldest room, is a great way to refresh in between our hot saunas. Chilled to a cold, but comfortable 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, the cold room offers a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

Forest Room (사림욕방)

For the nature-loving guests, there is no experience quite like relishing the serenity of our Forest Room. The room is built with all cedarwood wall panels that emit a natural aroma. Meanwhile, a projector displays forest scenery along with soothing nature sounds. A humidifier keeps the 75-degree room at the perfect temperature and humidity level to complete the effect of making guests feel like they are truly hiking through the woods. Aside from creating an all around calming experience, the combination of the humidified air and the slow release of natural oils excreted from the cedarwood panels have significant respiratory benefits.
Forest Room
Gold Pyramid Room

Gold Pyramid Room (골드 피라미드 뱅)

Many of our guests wonder how a golden pyramid – a structure typically associated with ancient Egypt – found a place in a Korean spa. For decades, scientists have studied the mysterious energy within pyramid-shaped structures. Some of the reported effects of pyramid shapes include restoring razor blade sharpness, impacting sleep, relieving pain and other ailments, dehydrating and preserving foods, and accelerating the growth of plants. In ancient times, gold was used medicinally as it was believed to have healing properties. Even today, gold is used in skincare and to alleviate symptoms of arthritis, relieve muscle soreness, and regulate body temperature.

Far Infrared Sauna Room (원적외선방)

If you want to experience some of the amazing healing benefits saunas have to offer without sweating it out in the sweltering 140-degree heat of the Himalayan Salt Room or the scorching 185-degree heat of the Fire Dome, our far infrared sauna room might be for you. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared saunas use lamps which emit electromagnetic radiation to apply heat to the body directly without warming the surrounding air. This creates a cooler environment which can be more comfortable for some guests to stay in for longer periods of time.
Far Infrared Sauna Room

Welcome to SPA WORLD

We are a Korean style spa and sauna with the goal of promoting relaxation and overall wellbeing. Everything from our amenities to our services to the very building material of our facility aim to improve your spa experience.

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Opening Hours

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