Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms (황토 방)

Yellow Ocher Clay Room 
From its walls lined with natural ocher clay to its earthy scent, the Yellow Ocher Clay room is designed to offer an ambiance that stimulates all of the senses. Like many of our rooms, this sauna is lined with Himalayan salt bricks along the walls to provide added health benefits of saline particles released into the air. Heated to 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, this room also provides guests with all of the benefits of our hot saunas with the added healing properties of the yellow ocher clay.  
Yellow Ocher Clay Ball Room 
The ocher ball room has two large pits filled with small heated clay beads that guests can lie in. The small clay balls envelop the body, stimulating pressure points and warming up muscles to reduce tension. The full immersion into the ball pit maximizes the detoxifying benefits of the yellow ocher clay, especially in combination with the charcoal lumps heated in the room to enhance air purification. This room has incredible physical healing benefits for the body – inside and out. 
Fondly nicknamed the “cocoa puffs room” by many of our visitors, this clay sauna is a guest-favorite spot for napping, relieving stress, and alleviating body aches, as they allow the small clay beads wrap around them like a warm, soothing hug. 
Yellow Ocher Clay Room Showcase
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