Fire Dome (불가마 / Bulgama)

Health benefits of utilizing the Fire Dome include:

Detox – releases internal toxins through increased sweating

Anti-inflammatory effect – stimulates blood flow to help reduce inflammation and relieve chronic pain

Immunity boost – stimulates immune system by increasing body temperature and inducing an artificial fever 

Antibacterial effect – increases white cell count, as part of the immune-boosting effect, which helps rid the body of harmful bacteria and fighting infections

Balancing of pH levels – improves Alkaline Body Fluid pH balance with the elimination of toxins through sweat

Blood pressure regulation – dilates blood vessels to improve blood flow and decrease blood pressure

Improved heart health – increases heart rate and has an effect similar to aerobic exercise

Skin benefits – promotes skin health by

    • eliminating dead skin cells 
    • supporting cell regeneration
    • cleansing pores and flushing bacteria out through increased sweating
    • stimulating collagen production to support elasticity 
    • creating a healthy glow due to increased circulation in the epidermal layer

Exercise recovery – supports muscle recovery by 

    • relaxing and soothing muscles and joints
    • releasing endorphins to relieve muscle soreness
    • increasing blood flow to support the healing process
    • reducing muscle tension to eliminate lactic acid
Ready to soak in the many benefits the Fire Dome has to offer?

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Opening Hours

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