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Are you going through a hectic work routine in repetitive mode? Take a break, go on a solo date to the Sauna, and enjoy your “Me Time.” The heat provides a blissful relaxation for both your body and mind, promoting rejuvenation, stimulating circulation, improving respiration, and offering many more health benefits. 

At Spa World Houston, we have seven types of Korean Sauna rooms, each with its own unique features and benefits – Arctic Room, Far Infrared Sauna Room, Fire Dome,  Gold Pyramid Room, Himalayan Salt Room, Jade Room, Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms.

A Korean Sauna is a typical Korean bathhouse offering various spa services and facilities. Features of the Korean Sauna include steam rooms, hot and cold baths, dry saunas, and resting areas.

Korean Saunas play a vital role in Korean Culture, as it has several health benefits.

7 Types of Saunas

1. Arctic Room

The Arctic Room is designed for guests to refresh in between the hot saunas. The rooms are chilled to 40 – 45 degrees Fahrenheit, offering a variety of physical and mental health benefits. 

The Arctic Rooms can have fascinating health benefits such as relief from muscle aches or joint pain, enhanced brain function, stronger immune response, and improved sleep

This room is also popular for “hot to cold” therapy. Alternating between the Arctic Room and the hotter saunas can promote cardiovascular health, improve skin elasticity, train the body to regulate temperatures more efficiently, and boost the immune system.  

2. Far Infrared Sauna Room

Maintaining a moderate temperature, the Far Infrared Sauna is a great way for guests to reap the benefits of a sauna without being surrounded by heat. Infrared Saunas are made of lamps emitting electromagnetic radiation, applying heat directly into the body without affecting the surrounding air temperature.

Infrared Saunas stand out from traditional Saunas by excluding intense sweating and other medical risks. Moreover, in infrared saunas, the heat penetrates deep into the skin, providing relaxation, alleviating muscle pain, boosting immunity, decreasing blood pressure, improving blood circulation, detoxification, and cell rejuvenation.

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3. Fire Dome

As each of our Saunas has its own benefits, this unique sauna offers an aesthetic primal experience, with open flames providing the heat. 

Spa World is one of the few spas to own an authentic, traditional Korean “Bulgama.” Being the hottest Sauna, the Fire Dome averages  185 degrees Fahrenheit during its operational time.

The Fire Dome stands out from other saunas, wherein the room is heated with natural oak logs, replicating traditional Bulgama. The heat is maintained throughout the day with the help of a custom-built ventilation system contained within the granite stone walls.

To get maximum detoxification benefits, the dome structure is built with Himalayan salt, and the floor is made of Ocher clay.

Health benefits of Fire Dome include detoxification, immunity-boosting, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, Blood Pressure regulation, cardiovascular benefits, and improved skin health.

4. Gold Pyramid Room

The Gold Pyramid room retains a warm, pleasant temperature of approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a favorite spot for guests to meditate. This sauna is decorated with gold, creating an ambiance of luxury and privilege.

The mystical energy prevailing within pyramid-shaped structures has several health benefits including improved prolonged sleep and relief from muscle tension and other ailments.

5. Himalayan Salt Room

The floors and walls of the Himalayan salt sauna are lined with pink Himalayan salt bricks. The temperature inside the room is maintained between 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

This room offers the combined benefits of a dry sauna and halotherapy (salt therapy). Additional benefits include treating respiratory ailments and allergies and promoting skin health.


6. Jade Room

The interior of our beautiful Jade room is designed with a multi-colored gemstone mosaic, and the floors are lined with Himalayan Salt Rocks. These rocks provide the combined benefit of a pleasant ambiance and acupressure. The stimulation of pressure points in the feet promotes improved sleep, decreased blood pressure,  improved digestion, and stress relief. 

Gemstones are believed to have potent healing properties; Jade is used in Korean culture to avail and improve health benefits. Additionally, charcoal used in this room acts as a natural air purifier.

This sauna maintains a temperature range of 80 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit using an underground boiler system.

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7. Yellow Ocher Clay Rooms

Yellow Ocher Clay, or Hwangto, contains high levels of Potassium Chloride and Calcium and can aid in detoxification and boosting circulation. For this reason, this clay is being used in Korean Culture for purification and cleaning purposes. This clay also emits infrared rays that can penetrate deep into the skin and alleviate pain. 

At Spa World, you can experience two variants of clay saunas.

Yellow Ocher Clay Room

The walls and floor of the clay room are made with yellow ocher clay. This sauna is lined with Himalayan salt bricks along the walls, providing additional respiratory benefits. Heated to 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, this room provides guests with all of the benefits of hot saunas with the added healing properties of the yellow ocher clay. 

Yellow Ocher Clay Ball Room 

The Ocher ball room has two large pits filled with tiny, smooth balls made of ocher clay.  As guests lie in these pits, the small beads warm up muscles, relieving pain and tension, and stimulating pressure points along the body. The surrounding temperature of 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit keeps the clay beads heated, maximizing the detox benefits while providing a warm soothing experience. 


Korean saunas are not only a luxurious, pampering experience, but a complete mind-and-body self-care ritual. 

The wide variety of saunas allows guests to choose based on their preferences while offering a multitude of healthcare benefits. 

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