How to prepare for your Spa Day? Beginnner’s guide

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Is this your first spa day or do you always mess up your spa day? If yes, Let us guide you on how to prepare for a spa day. 

Before diving in we are a Korean spa and you can get the most out of this article if you visit Spa World Houston.

Nevertheless, most spas have similar setups so whatever tips and info are shared on this blog will help anyone who wants to prepare for their spa day. So let’s dive right in

What is a Spa day?

A spa day is like a day off for your body and mind, where you feel relaxed and pampered. It’s all about treating yourself to massages, facials, and other treatments that make you feel awesome. The ultimate goal is to leave feeling refreshed, forgetting the outside world’s stress.

How to Prepare for a Spa Day? A day at the Spa

Preparing for a spa day is the best way to maximize your relaxation. 

Before your spa visit

1. Check for Available treatments

Here are the spa services available at Spa World; choose the one based on your wishes and requirements.

Body Scrubs

  •  Korean Body Scrubs – 30 min/$70
  • Scrub Plus – 60 min/$110
  • Scrub and Honey – 60 min/$110
  • Scrub and Goddess – 60 min/$115
  • Scrub and Deluxe – 80 min/$140
  • Scrub and Oil Treatment – 80 min/$150
  • Goddess Special – 100 min/$170
  • Golden Goddess Special – 100 min/$180


  • Foot Reflexology – 30 min/$50 or 50 min/$80
  • Swedish – 60 min/$110 or 80 min/$140
  • Deep Tissue – 60 min/$110 or 80 min/$140
  • Shiatsu – 60 min/$110
  • Oil and Stone – 80 min/$150
  • Spa World Special – 100 min/$180

2. Book your spa day in advance

Once done with choosing the treatments, make reservations promptly. Given the popularity of specific therapies, don’t miss out on securing your preferred slots. Keep your schedule flexible to accommodate the spa’s availability. Being open to various timings increases the chances of aligning your visit with the ideal treatment time slots.

Moreover, booking in advance secures your spot, allowing you to expect and look forward to every blissful moment of your upcoming spa day.

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3. Eat Light and stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and eating light, healthy meals before your spa day can make treatments like massages and facials more effective. 

Staying hydrated and choosing foods like fruits and salads can help prepare your body, making you feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the benefits of your spa visit.

Arriving at the Spa

1. Early Arrival

Make sure to reach the spa at least 30 minutes before your appointment. It will give you extra time to check in, fill out forms, and settle in without feeling rushed.

2. Wear Comfortable clothes

Pick your comfiest outfit for the day, something easy to slip out of for changing into the spa’s robe. It was all about feeling relaxed right from the start.

3. Communicate your Preferences

Start making notes in your mind of what to tell the staff. Little things like mentioning your preference for a lighter touch during massages or informing them about your sensitive skin were crucial to ensure a personalized experience.

4. What to Bring/ What Not to Bring

What to Bring: A refillable water bottle can help you stay hydrated during your session. In addition, you can bring a large towel and toiletries on your own. But these are entirely optional.

What not to Bring: As the spa day was about disconnecting from the daily routine, Leave your phone away. This intentional break from technology set the tone for complete relaxation and mindfulness.

5. Be ready for New Experiences

Lastly, approach the day with an open mind. Experience new treatments and fully immerse yourself in the experience without preconceived thoughts.

Pro Tips

Here are a few pro tips to be followed that will help you make the most of your spa day:

  • Have light meals before your spa day to keep comfortable during treatments
  • If opting for exfoliation, skip shaving 24 hours before to avoid skin irritation.
  • To maximize aromatherapy benefits, skip using perfumes beforehand
  • Leave your jewelry at home to prevent misplacement during your spa experience.

How Much Will it Cost per Day at Spa?

The average cost range of a Spa per day with services like massages, facials, and simple body treatments could cost $100 to $300, depending on the location and specific services chosen.


Each step in preparing for a spa day contributes to creating an optimal environment for relaxation, ensuring you get the most out of every treatment and moment dedicated to rejuvenation.

Book your session today at Spa World Houston, for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Our Spa Policies

Note: Service fees do not include admission costs. Admission tickets have to be purchased separately to avail of any spa services.


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  3. Non-Refundable*
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