Why a Korean Spa is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Idea

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Ready to win Valentine’s Day with a unique and unforgettable date idea? If having a full day’s worth of fun, adventure, and relaxation in a single venue sounds perfect, a Korean Spa may be exactly what you need to make your Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

Why a Korean Spa is the Perfect Date Idea for Every Type of Partner


1. For the Adventure-Lover

Dinner and a movie is a classic, but what’s more romantic to an adventurous partner than sharing new experiences? Despite a recent rise in popularity, there are still only a handful of Korean spas in the Houston area. Our spa is designed to model many of the iconic amenities found in the spas in Korea. It includes the nude bath areas, the Bulgama (our hottest sauna reaching up to 185 degrees), and authentic Korean food.


2. For the Indecisive Partner

Speaking of dinner and a movie – many don’t realize just how much there is to do in a Korean spa. In addition to body scrubs, massage services, and saunas, our spa has a café, bar, restaurant, movie theater room, virtual golf and karaoke. For the partner who can never decide on anything, you can give them plenty of options in one place.


3. For the One Who Hates Traffic

Nothing kills the romance quite like spending hours stuck in traffic or fighting every other lovestruck couple in Houston for parking spots. At Spa World Houston, you can drive to one singular location (with ample parking spaces) where you can have a full day’s worth of activities.


4. For the Workaholic

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Whether you have a significant other who works long hours or a spouse who goes above and beyond to maintain your home or care for the kids, giving them a much-needed day of pampering can be the best way to express your appreciation.


5. For the Minimalist

If you have a hard-to-shop-for significant other who “already has everything,” a Korean spa experience can be not only a date idea, but a gift in itself. Spa admissions and gift cards can make great gifts to allow your partner to plan their own solo visit. Or you can join them and upgrade the experience by surprising them with a spa service.


6. For the Foodie

Give your favorite foodie a true taste of Korean culture. No full day at a Korean spa is complete without an authentic Korean meal such as Bulgogi with a side of kimchi followed by a bowl of Bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert).


7. For the One Who’s Always Cold

If your partner’s hands and feet tend to run in the subzero temperatures, a day in our hot saunas may be the perfect way to help them thaw their extremities.


8. For the Parent Who Needs a Break

Needing a break from the kids? Spa World Houston offers a kids play area, where children ages 6 and up can be supervised by our staff while you enjoy the spa amenities. You can save yourself the hassle of booking a babysitter, and spend a romantic and relaxing day with your loved one while the kids wear themselves out in our indoor playground.


9. For the Health Nut

If your partner prioritizes health above all else, they will surely appreciate the many healing benefits offered by our amenities. Many of our saunas have specific benefits to help fight off illnesses, alleviate allergy symptoms, and support the immune system. Learn more about the benefits of our hot saunas like the Himalayan Salt Room and Fire Dome.


10. For the Fitness-Obsessed Partner

Surprise your favorite gym rat with a trip to our Korean spa, where they can take advantage of the many health benefits our facility offers to support their goals. Let them soothe their sore muscles in our hot baths or ocher ball room, or even splurge for a deep tissue massage that will leave them feeling completely rejuvenated.


11. For the Reader

Giving a book-lover a book is great, but for a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day, take your bookworm to the perfect place to let them catch up on their reading. Our napping pods, lounge areas and outdoor terrace provide multiple beautiful and peaceful areas to let your partner escape into the pages of their favorite novel. As an added bonus, our upstairs lounge now has a new library where you can donate unwanted books and choose a new one to read during your visit.

12. For the Nature Lover

For nature-loving Houstonians, our Forest Room can provide a wonderful escape when time, distance or weather makes it impossible to spend time outdoors. With walls made of real cedarwood panels and a high-quality projector of nature scenery, guests can benefit from the serene, sensory experience of being in a real forest – without the long drive, bugs or excessive humidity. 

13. For the Long-Distance Partner

Take advantage of our online day passes, bundles and gift cards to show your loved one you care and give them a special outing even when you can’t physically be with them.

14. For the Single Person

Flying solo this year for Valentine’s Day? There’s no reason that should stop you from taking yourself out on a Korean spa date, where you can spend the day taking care of your body, nurturing your mind, soothing your soul, and learning how to fall in love with the most important person in your life – yourself!

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