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Are you looking for a rejuvenating massage in Houston? Spa World will be your go-to choice for a relaxing massage in Houston. Begin your journey to a stress-free life by becoming a member of Spa World. 

Our regular massage sessions are more than just a rejuvenating experience. They are a commitment to your well-being, helping you to relieve body pain, reduce muscle tension, and increase movement. Experience the long-term benefits of regular massages at Spa World.

Book an appointment to learn more about Korean Spa in Houston, or call 346-978-6684 to learn what is so special about Spa World from our massage therapists.

Our Massage Services

Foot Reflexology

30min/$50 or 50min/$80


60min/$110 or 80min/$140

Deep Tissue

60min/$110 or 80min/$140



Oil & Stone


Spa World Special


What is so special about Spa World?

1. Our Authentic Korean Spa

At Spa World, we offer an authentic and genuine Korean spa experience that stays true to the rich traditions of Korean wellness practices. Our commitment to authenticity extends to every aspect of your spa experience, ensuring that you feel relaxed and culturally enriched.

2. Outstanding Amenities

We’ve thoughtfully curated every detail to provide an exceptional spa experience that caters to your every need. We offer an all-inclusive massage experience, including couples massage in Houston. Our bath areas and lounging rooms provide a relaxing time, relieving stress.

3. Rejuvenating Sauna Rooms

Our sauna rooms are meticulously crafted to provide the perfect environment for detoxification and renewal, with temperatures ranging from mild to intense to suit your preference. Whether you prefer the dry heat of a traditional sauna or the gentle warmth of a steam room, we have a sauna experience tailored just for you, ensuring you feel completely catered to.

Benefits of Being a Member

  1. Waived Admissions: Depending on the membership plan, members can enjoy free or discounted admissions to the spa.
  2. Exclusive Lounge Access: Members receive access to exclusive lounge areas within the spa.
  3. Guest Benefits: Some plans offer free or discounted guest passes, allowing you to bring friends and family along.
  4. Service Discounts: Members are eligible for discounts on various spa services.

Spa World offers three membership tiers—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—each providing its own set of perks. The advantages and discounts vary based on the plan chosen, allowing members to select the one that best fits their needs.

These memberships enhance the spa experience with added benefits unavailable to non-members, making them a worthwhile consideration for frequent spa-goers.

Picture of SPA WORLD


Spa World Houston in Katy, TX, is a Korean-style spa dedicated to promoting relaxation and wellbeing. Known for its soothing ambiance and a variety of rejuvenation services, it's a haven for tranquility.


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Welcome to SPA WORLD

We are a Korean style spa and sauna with the goal of promoting relaxation and overall wellbeing. Everything from our amenities to our services to the very building material of our facility aim to improve your spa experience.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Sunday – Thursday: 9 am – 10 pm
(Last Non-Member Check-in at 9 pm)

Friday & Saturday: 9 am – 12 am
(Last Non-Member Check-in at 10:30 pm)

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